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Building Community | Inspiring Trust | Restoring Value

About Us

Our goal at Aloha Alliances is to create community initiatives that build relationships, inspire trust, and restore value. Every 6-8 months we launch a new initiative while simultaneously passing off past initiative to nonprofits, organizations, and/or interested individuals who will maintain the life of the projects. We are like seed starters in that sense.

Why You Should Join Us

This community page is like a Facebook group* but much more. This is where our communities can dream together, learn from each other, ask for support, share resources, give when it's needed, and build relationships around shared topics and shared locations. We will also use this platform to decide, as a community, what initiatives to take on every 6-8 months.  

*We made a decision to move beyond Facebook and experiment with other platforms that allow for authentic engagement. You'll get an email from us every once in awhile to remind you to check the page and engage OR you can download the app for this platform below.

A Big Thanks

Thank you for supporting us! We will officially launch the content on this community page on January 1. Until then join us, get to know the platform and consider supporting our first initiative launch here:

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